Aron T. Asumi, the guy with immense talents

Aron Asumi

Aron Asumi is a Musician, Composer, YouTuber, Photographer and a Music Teacher as well.

It seems like there’s nothing this man can’t do.

He is also the Director of Immanuel Music Academy, Zunheboto and an Administrator of Immanuel Higher Secondary School, Zunheboto.

Did you know?

He is the first Pianist in the state to release an Instrumental album titled “Tomorrow Awaits” (2013).

Aron Asumi

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He has a YouTube Channel with over 35 Thousand Subscribers and well over 6 Million Views where he features the upcoming local singers, musicians, travel contents about the various towns and villages in and around Nagaland.

He is also updating the denizens of Zunheboto with the updates of Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto through his channel because the normal programmes cannot be held due to the pandemic.

Music Career

Performing with Akavi Yeptho

He is currently the Pianist at Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto and a Music Teacher in Immanuel School, Zunheboto.

A versatile self taught musician who finds it easy to play any kind of musical instruments such as Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute and several others.

You will find some of his performances on his YouTube Channel and his Instagram handle.


He covers various special events all year long given the fact that he is an exceptional Photographer.

It includes Weddings, Special Programmes as well as the Church programmes and he showcases his works through his social media accounts.

His camera works have been viewed over 6 Million times.


Interview with EasternMirror


To start with, for those who may be new to you and your music, tell us about yourself as an artist?


I am a self taught musician, composer and a performer. I am presently the Director of Immanuel Music Academy, Zunheboto and the Administrator of Immanuel Higher Secondary School, Zunheboto. I am also the pianist at Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto. I hold music Certificates from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRS M), London and Trinity College of Music, London.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about the moment when you decided that music was something that you wanted to do with your life?


Music was my hobby and my passion that I always felt that it is in my blood. I started performing in my school and church when I was still in High School. Seeing my potential, my brother Dr. Vihuto Asumi, who is also a musician himself, encouraged me to pursue music as a career and in that way I was mentored and guided. I am content today for choosing the right career through which I am able to express myself best.


EASTERN MIRROR: You have released a song book titled “Songs You Love” for congregational use for various institutions. Was your calling focused only towards Church ministry? Can you give your insight on your music genre?

ARON T. ASUMI: Being an Administrator of a school as well, I felt the need to compile and design a comprehensive Song book where selections of Responsive Readings, Praise and Worship Songs and Hymns with Fundamentals of Staff Notation and Basics of Conducting are incorporated. The purpose of bringing out this song book titled “Songs You Love”, I wanted to encourage youth, especially students in schools and colleges to praise and worship, glorifying the name of God through singing.
My calling is focused more towards church ministry because our God who is the Creator of music deserve the best and it is through music, I can serve Him the best. My genre of music may be classified as Romantic and New Age Music.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are some of the challenges that you face from being in various church settings as a music artist who work with churches as well?

ARON T. ASUMI: Many church leaders and believers fail to understand the importance of music in the church. For many, singing has somewhat become rather casual and time filler between prayers and sermons instead of an active commitment in our worship. It has been treated as a chore to be endured till we go to the sermon. “God forbid”, what if our worship do not reach God. We should realize that a worshipping church is a living church.

With SBCZ Staffs

EASTERN MIRROR: Take us through your piano instrumental album “Tomorrow Awaits”.

ARON T. ASUMI: “Tomorrow Awaits” is my instrumental debut album featuring 8 piano pieces celebrating Jesus and dedicated to the Creator of Music. All pieces are my composition. The album was produced with music scores (staff notation) which can be used by performers and music teachers in schools, churches, weddings, etc.

EASTERN MIRROR: Dimapur and Kohima are two central districts when it comes to getting the platform for musicians. As a music devotee and a musician yourself from Zunheboto district, what is your option?

ARON T. ASUMI: I got lots of offers especially from Dimapur and outside of Nagaland. There are times when I also have to think twice to move out of Zunheboto for better options outside of Zunheboto. However, I am determined to teach music to my own people here in Zunheboto and take Zunheboto to a music map of Nagaland. I wish to let my people know that unlike previous years when music was treated just a hobby; music is now an industry where we earn our livelihood as well. The demand for music teachers in the schools and colleges and music leaders in the church is very high, yet our people still fail to understand fact. When something we love doing becomes our career, what more should we ask for.


EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us how you became involved in choir? What life skills have you learnt through being part of a choir?

ARON T. ASUMI: After the dedication of our church which is Asia’s biggest Baptist church, I was approached by the church leaders to be the pianist for choir and that’s how I got involved with choir. I also have my choir viz. “IMA Choir (Immanuel Music Academy Choir)” where we perform my original compositions from time to time. Being a part of the choir, I feel spiritually quenched and satisfied.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you believe the future holds for music in Nagaland?

ARON T. ASUMI : We can see a big leap of progress in the field of music in just a decade in Nagaland. We can see many musicians, singers and music teachers taking music seriously as a profession. I believe, someday soon, Nagaland will be a music hub in the country and in the region.


EASTERN MIRROR: Do you have any other musical projects lined up for the near future?

ARON T. ASUMI: I am now working on my second piano instrumental video album with sheet music book which will be released in the near future, some video of which I have released in YouTube recently. I have also started my home recording studio through which I intend to promote my upcoming music students and also produce IMA Choir album.

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